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Chemistry Class
 Learn Chemistry in easy and simple ways

Chemistry lessons covers all sub-topics like Organic, Inorganic and Physical chemistry from basics to advanced level.

Visual Chemistry
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About Us

Audio Visual Representation of Chemistry(AVC) is a place to learn basic concepts in chemistry. The short  videos are useful for students aspiring strong foundations in Chemistry. The Top Quality audiovisuals provide in depth subject using Experiments, Introductions, Animations, Pictorial representations, Logical reasoning and Analogies. Passion to teach and share our knowledge in the field of Chemistry has motivated  us to develop good quality videos. We believe that they would have a huge impact on learning process of students, as well as aid in enhancing teaching methodologies.     


Audio Visual Representation of Chemistry(AVC) target audience are 10+ 2 students of India,IIT JEE, NEET  aspirants, K12 students of US/UK and general learners in search of deep insights into basics of chemistry.  AVC has about 900 videos covering various sub-topics of Chemistry, viz., Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. The videos has 45 hour run-time are organized in to 38 chapters.


AVC is proud of the growing community of users who visit this site, offer their feedback and suggest future needs and collaborations. If you like to have / conduct online Chemistry classes or discuss working together - Get in touch with us.

Sample Videos

Dr.D.Rama Rao
Former National Director, NAIP, New Delhi,
Former Director  
         ICAR-NAARM,              ICAR Emeritus Scientist, PJTSAU,Hyderabad

               I have known Sudhakar for over 20 years. What struck me most about him is his passion for Chemistry and his desire to instill the same in young learners. Over the past few years he has trained hundreds of students preparing for NEET & IIT JEE.

             When he decided to create this online course, I was sure he could provide the same quality education in video form. What a terrific result, his videos lessons are far beyond my expectation and better than any in that class.

                I had witnessed him spend several days and sleepless nights for each video. He wanted all his lectures to have the right illustrations in animated form using real life examples. Going through his lectures I got the feeling that even a non-science student can understand Chemistry easily.

           I had gone through several online courses, but this Chemistry course stands out. I can vouch that this course is among the best and I personally recommend it to all students.


Saracco Roberto
Senior Advisor at Reply &
Senior member of IEEE
Turin, Piedmont, Italy

               I have known Desam only through his video clips that he publishes on LinkedIn and YouTube. I should say that I have been impressed by his talent to illustrate in a short, but effective, clip the gist of complex concepts. Being able to explain in an easy way tricky concepts is a gift that only a few are endowed. He has been focusing on physics and chemistry but he could apply his knack in visualizing other complex stuff. Hence, if you need to explain something in a catchy way, turn to Desam.



Kevin Manko
Human systems engineer empowering people to be the change they want to see in the world

   Chicago, Illinois, United States

              Desam is the growing expert in audiovisual research pertinent to modern teaching styles. He is both unique and much like all of us - finding our passions and better understanding how we learn and grow.


Dr Usha Roopnarain
Former MP in the
National Assembly RSA,

Founder of Power to Empower

              I have known Desam Sudhakar Reddy for a few years via LinkedIn. He is one of those brilliant individuals who posts scientific, well researched and insightful content.

He shows consistency and attention to detail. I look forward to this creative visual content as it empowers me. I believe he can make a difference in any institution or organization. He is definitely a value add. The videos are brilliant, and one is able to learn from them. On a personal level, he is articulate, empathetic and very compassionate. I’m proud and honoured to be part of his network. I wish him well in his journey- he will leave a powerful impact wherever he works and interacts.


Dr.Vinay Kumar Nangia
Formerly Professor & Head,
Dept.of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee,
Former Emeritus Professor,
Netaji Subhash University of Technology,New Delhi 

             Desam Sudhakar has strong passion for Chemistry and been teaching students for over 15 years. He is excellent at Audiovisual development in chemistry and has developed innovative animated audiovisual online course, specially designed for 10+2 Level, competitive exams like IIT JEE  and NEET.

    His Course comprised numerous Animations, Pictorial illustrations, Introductions, Analogies, Application oriented videos to enable students learning process engaging, easier & effective. His video course cover chemistry concepts from basic to advanced level that enables students conceptual understanding easier and also aid excel at competitive exams.  Sudhakar's Chemistry course stands out and I strongly recommend it to all students. 


Thom Ives, Ph.D.
Sr. Data Scientist, Echo Global Logistics | Founder, Integrated
ML & AI | Multi-Physics Engineer

              As a multi-physics engineer, which includes data science as an exciting part of mAy engineering life, I greatly value Desam's outstanding audiovisual teaching skills and works. He goes the proverbial extra mile to make the beautiful science of chemistry more understandable to all. In fact, he does this so very well that I felt internally compelled to write this recommendation.


Desam has made it his mission to bring the beauty and power of chemistry to a greater audience using his audiovisual teaching skills. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is an animated video with expert dialog worth? Many more I suspect. I watch every new chemistry video from Desam with eagerness now. They are clear, concise, and they enhance my current understanding of chemistry and/or give me concise reviews of principles I learned in the past and need to review. I strongly encourage anyone reading this recommendation to incorporate Desam audio visual teaching work into your chemistry curriculum.


Birendra Kumar Agarwal
Leader with 30 yrs.+ Top Management.
Multi-billion USD EPCs
& Operations. MBA(UK) LLB B.Com(Hons). Academic Athlete Awardee (UK). 


I am happy to write this recommendation for Mr Reddy.
Mr Reddy has taken up the onerous task of educating all on matters of science which make a difference to daily life of each. His approach os unique, as he reduces complex matters into simple audio visuals, along with a lucid explanation in text. I feel he is doing great service to society by giving each food for thought and forcing to contemplate how daily life and science go hand in hand.
I wish him all the best!


Dr.Sridhar Seshadri
Ex.Vice Chancellor,DKNMU Rajasthan,Ex.Joint Director, ONGC,Dehradun
CEO,Sbyte Technologies

       Desam Sudhakar is an eminent author,  good at developing chemistry audiovisuals. He is Passionate  for chemistry, developed an excellent online course using numerous Introductions, Animations, Pictorial demonstrations, Analogies.  

         His video content provides unique  & innovative explanation from basic to advanced pre university level chemistry concepts, using animations and Pictorial representations. Desam's course enables students to get their concepts right and also aid in Cracking competitive exams. 

        This chemistry course stands out as unique one as it could be understood even by a non-science student and I personally recommend it to all students. He is sincere in doing quality  work with patience and so his work is always outstanding  in most reliable way !


Dr.Pramod Kumar Rajput,MLE
Fmr. Sr Vice President
Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited

              Hi its a great pleasure to mention about Mr. D Reddy ..a very humble, knowledgeable and dedicated person ..who believes in Sharing knowledge... unconditionally. I personally wish him a great success in his all endeavours..


Kasi Vishwanath
Expert Quality Assurance & Systems & Pharmaceuticals 

              I am K.K.Vishwanath  with several Original Research papers published in international journals and Expert Quality Assurance and Systems consultant. I have gone through several of the AV's created by Desam Sudhakar Reddy Garu in Organic, Physical and Inorganic chemistry and found them so simple and easy to understand with superb clarity.  I don't think any Chemistry teacher can explain in such a simplistic manner.  Trust me, I personally feel that Chemistry lessons are redefined and taught in such a way that you would start loving Chemistry more than any subject. Desam garu is known throughout the country and abroad for preparing AV.   Infact, why students even several experienced Chemistry tutors are understanding the basics of the reaction going through this module. "Chemistry made simple and easy to grasp".


Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan, PhD, Founder Director,

Infinite Sum Modelling LLC, Seattle, USA

Former Head, Trade, Commerce and Strategic Economic Dialogue, NITI Aayog, Government of India

I've followed the amazing work being done by Mr Desam Sudhakar Reddy.
His selfless aspiration and diligence in simplifying science for students is so deeply inspiring for everyone who views his videos.
I strongly recommend everyone to see his AVs and cherish the knowledge he is disseminating. I've myself learnt a lot from his precious contributions. I wish him all the best in all his endeavors!